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Posted By on October 16, 2011

It’s been awhile since I updated here which I’ve found unfortunate. The reason is pretty simple: I was pushed into working on a pile of PHP code. PHP4 code at that. It was unpleasant. (I don’t normally have anything specifically against PHP and for webdev it’s been my go-to language. But this was a bad scene.)

This past week I’ve been looking into Datastax’s Brisk product. It partners Hive/Hadoop with Cassandra and appears to be an excellent solution for some of the problems we need to solve quickly. The proof-of-concept work I actually did in Python, but I hope to go forward with more Perl based solutions. Net::Cassandra and Net::Cassandra::Easy seemed to be the modules to use previously, but it looks like they haven’t been updated in quite some time and broke with Cassandra 0.7. Cassandra::Lite comes to the rescue.

Currently I’m working with CentOS 6 which led to some troubles installing Brisk due to JNA for CentOS 6 being out of date. I was able to get past this by manually installing JNA and then doing a binary install of Brisk. It looks like using the JNA RPM for Fedora 15 will solve the issue though and next time I’ll likely install Brisk from the rpm. I’ve encountered some odd behaviour with Hive failing on simple queries and I’d like to know it has nothing to do with me screwing up something in the install.

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